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Jan. 6th, 2009

FIC: Worth Keeping [Snape/Luna, NC-17]

Hi, everyone! *waves* I just returned from my long holiday trip tonight and I'm scurrying to get caught up on, well, life in general - and that obviously includes a perhaps unhealthy amount of fandom involvement, as well. ;-) I need to make a huge post, but that'll probably come tomorrow since I need to go to bed tonight before, uh, 3:00am. You know, early.

I'm doing this now, though, so I don't forget.

The [info]smutty_claus masterlist was posted. *cringes* I've been so out of sorts I haven't yet read my fic, which I'm sure is brilliant. One of my first priorities is to read it... The fic written for me was Jouissance by [info]i_octopus. It's Draco/Rose. Summary: Draco, in atoning for the sins of his past, has lived a life of duty without passion. His life has been a good performance until he meets Rose. This is the story of their fatal, erotic obsession.

The fic I wrote, Worth Keeping, was originally posted here.

And, reposting it here:

Title: Worth Keeping
Author/Artist: [info]bewarethesmirk
Pairing(s): Snape/Luna
Summary: Snape had gone to the Squealing Pig for some peace and quiet, and instead he got Luna Lovegood in a fluffy scarf.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Snape’s drunk, so the consent is murky at first – but it makes more sense in context.
Words: ~3000
Author/Artist's notes: Written for [info]damned_queen in the 2008 round of [info]smutty_claus. Thanks to [info]lavillanueva for beta-ing and to [info]rospberry for Brit-picking and beta-ing!

Worth Keeping )