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Oct. 29th, 2008

Why are the cats eating the insulation?

-Had a great weekend which consisted of hanging out with [info]anthimaeria and seeing HSM twice with [info]nqdonne

-Finally have a workable plot for [info]hp_darkfest. Have not started writing it. I have another fic which I'm going to be working on, but it involves me finding Dumbledore's voice, which is more difficult than I'd anticipated. *smooches Cal*

-Betaing and modding for [info]snarry_holidays is very stressful.

-I started working at Borders today! Training was all right. There was a lot to remember and the Training Supervisor continually told the lamest jokes. *sigh* On the plus side, we have this book loan program where I can borrow two books at a time. So, pretty much, I have full access to all the books in Borders and a 33% discount.

-I'm starting a temp job tomorrow--at a non-profit. :) I think I'll be doing internet research.

-Will now drink espresso at midnight and beta!
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Oct. 9th, 2008

Quick update

1. Finally working! I have a temp job as an admin assistant at an up-end office furniture company in downtown Boston. Only working there a week.

2. Waiting on the results of two interviews. They're about as different from each other as you could possibly imagine: one LGBTQ non-profit work, the other finance.

3. Politics 23/7.

4. The Daily Show was particularly good tonight, and not just because Michelle Obama was the guest.

5. If I do not receive my absentee ballot soon, I'm going to kill.
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Oct. 4th, 2008

In which I ramble.

I've been preoccupied the last couple of weeks. I took about a week to have a supreme pity party, then kicked myself in the ass. Went home to NC to see my family, which helped me to put a lot of things into focus. The last week I've concentrated solely on my job search, which is tireless and frustrating, but may actually be going somewhere. I'm working with several job agencies--and I have an appointment with a v. good agency on Tuesday. I had a job interview today, and I really hope to get that job (admin for a non-profit which does LGBTQ healh-related work). There were less applicants than for other positions Ive applied for, so I feel this one is more promising.

I also got my hair cut today, which I couldn't really afford to do, but I did anyway because my hair looked like shit and it was way too long, etc.

Me bitching about the incompetence of people )

Yeah, so I need to write fic. Lots of fic, fic for fests. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! I love to write at times, and at other times I hate it.

I read the last chapter of [info]mistful's DDG, and let me say, it made me giddy. *swoons*

Tomorrow I'm eating lunch with NQ, writing, applying for more jobs, going to a wine party in Cambridge, and missing everyone who will be in NYC. :(

Sep. 12th, 2008

Today's Updates

1. Job searching is eating my soul. Fortunately, my family gave me more money, so I can actually eat tonight. *gasp*

2. I've read Drop Dead Gorgeous and Quality of Mercy recently and need to figure out how to write feedback. On that note, I still need to properly rec Killing Moon. *facepalm*

3. Writing has felt like torture for weeks, but I have now found a new reason to write and I believe it might actually be fun. Oh, I am full of sadistic glee.

4. Happy Birthday, [info]dementordelta!

Sep. 3rd, 2008

Back in...Blue. A few updates.

I wanted to begin by thanking so many of you for the outpouring of support I received about the situation with my dad. I decided to go to New York to see him. I figured there was a lot more to lose if I didn't go. The situation--the one, you know, that my relatives were negligent in telling me--was that he had had a heart attack and had an open heart surgery. He was out cold when I went to visit. I stayed for around two hours and sat there, writing a letter while I watched him sleep. I wonder how my letter will be received. I wonder if I'll know if he even bothered to read it or not. I met his wife for the first time, which was interesting to say the least. But, I did my part, stayed two hours and left my letter. I came back to Boston the next day, feeling satisfied I'd done all I could. My dad's surgery went well, and they think he'll make a full recovery. The family members I did see while there were not not very receptive--doing everything from cursing at me to ignoring me--so I ignored them and stayed at a hotel that night, declining the invitation to stay at my aunt's house.

I went to a job interview today--the one at GLAD. One of the guys was a complete asshole, but I think I did all right. They kept fishing for answers and seemed to be frustrated that I wasn't an idiot. There's another round of interviews next week, and so we'll see if I'm called back for that. I'm still looking for other options

I'm filling out my sign-up for [info]smutty_claus and I realized I haven't read het in so long I don't know what pairings I like. I've settled on Snape/Lily so far. :P I'll go see what the other participants have requested for inspiration! *giggles at [info]snegurochka_lee's length--er, lengthy sign-up*

I need to be writing my very late contribution to a fest that I'm not sure if they'll accept at this point. *sigh*

By the way, if any of you want to be on my political rants or music filters, go here! I feel a political rant coming on...

*waves to the new friends on my flist*

Apr. 2nd, 2008

Job searching....

is not fun.

I will be very happy when I have something secured.
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