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May. 30th, 2008

Job Applications are Stupid.+ other things.

Let it be known to all and sundry that I hate electronic job applications which require answering 36 pages of questions asking "SD, D, SA, A." Many of these questions are repeated a hundred times and purposely contradict each other. Make them all on one page. Ask a few of these questions. Interview me to ascertain if I have these qualities or call my references. I'll write an essay detailing my qualifications for fuck's sake, but filling out pages and pages of this bullshit is absurd.


Can you tell I've been out applying for jobs?

I've been been taking care of a lot of long delayed things today. In order to get my BA, I'm completing one more political science course in Summer Session II (Lack of Civil Liberties in the US). I'm working on taking a French course at NC State University in Raleigh (*waves at [info]winterthunder*). Arranging for this French class has been and will be a pain in the ass. It's also going to conflict with Portus and Terminus. I'm still going to both, but my time is going to be cut short--aka I'm going on weekends. I still have to find money for the French class. Which leads us to...

Jobs. I'm looking for anything, really. I've even been applying for positions in restaurants, which is a declaration of my desperation. I'm going to apply for Borders and Whole Foods later. And then there's the Real Job search which will probably begin in July. Washington, DC, here I come (I hope!)

I'm at an awesome coffee shop on Duke's campus (*waves at [info]pennswoods*) right now. I was in Durham applying for jobs and so I'm here. :P It's only about 30 mins from my apartment anyway.

Congratulations to [info]legomymalfoy. Congratulations to LJ (or someone in LJ) for utilizing what I'd call commonsense with the new LJ policy. I've not read the whole thing yet, but from the commentary on my flist ([info]pir8fancier and [info]nqdonne included!) it seems--at the very least--promising.