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Feb. 11th, 2008

Feb Recs: Feb 10 and 11

Feb 10 Rec

The Dating Disasters of Sirius Black by [info]kabeyk
Remus/Sirius, R, Words: 84,268
Summary: For some reason unfathomable to Remus, Sirius always likes to tell him in excruciating detail about his various romantic problems. Not fluffy.
My Comments: I know, I know, most people who even like R/S have already read this. It's one of the classics among the puppy shippers -- but for the love of Merlin, if you haven't read it and you're interested in MWPP Remus/Sirius, so give it a try. It's very different from [info]kabeyk's one-shots, but so wonderful.

It's wildly entertaining, fluffy and humorous, but then intense and angsty by turns. If you want a fic that will hook you to a ship pronto, this is the one I'd choose, next to [info]shoebox_project.

This is a crappy recommendation, but I really don't know what to say. This is not a "Remus and Sirius fall into each other's laps" story. If you like your fic with a challenge or come in with hesitations...here you are.

Read 'The Dating Disasters of Sirius Black' here


Feb 11 Rec

Wordplay by [info]anjenue
Snape/Draco, NC-17, Words: 5,710
Summary: None given
My Comments: This is porn, but it's also erotica. It is so fucking hot but also intense. It's Draco at his most petulant but also cunning, and Snape at his sexiest. This fic is a sensory delight, rich in description, teasing and so fucking hot. I'd say both characters get a bit of the power here, and neither of them really mind. The balance works so well. And it's really not just about the sex. Really. Anj is an amazing writer and her Snaco is my favorite.

Read 'Wordplay' here
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Feb Recs: Feb 9

Rec: February 9, 2008:

Cloak of Courage by [info]wendynat
Snape/Hermione, NC-17, Words: 190,911
Summary: Hermione suffers a terrible loss and has to choose between two paths. Very loosely based on WIKTT Marriage Law Challenge. An exploration of the Dark Arts and their "true" effects, including the Call of the Blood.
My comments: I'm recing het. :) When I read solely Snape/Hermione this was far and away my favorite fic. It's a classic in SS/HG fic -- apart of the ever-infamous Marriage Law Challenge fics (which reminds me in some ways of slashy slavefic.) This is Snape, romanticized as he often is in Snape/Hermione fics, but he's also subjected to the whims of Dark Magic. The exploration of Dark Magic and blood magic is fascinating in this fic and how it plays into Snape's character. Hermione is more aggressive and dark than her canon counterpart, but she's believably done and her characterization, while unique, is a wonderful complement to Snape.

This has some of the most delicious sex scenes ever, and Snape here is to die for. It's dark but not so much so -- the intensity is gorgeous. And there's a particular scene in this fic which stands out in my mind as the best SS/HG evar.

What're its overarching qualities: almost 200,000 words, dark, possessive!Snape, and creative plot devices.

Read 'Cloak of Courage' here

An alternate link is: here, at Obscurus Books.
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Feb. 8th, 2008

February Recs Month, Feb 8th

Yes, yes, February is apparently recs month, and I have known this for a few days now...but I'm just behind, k?

Well, for the rest of Feb., I'd like to start doing it. I've never done the Feb month of rec'ing before, so someone correct me if there's solidified tenants in fandom for how this should work. I'm going to rec a lot of stuff I've been reading lately, but most of it is older. I'm going to rec fics that fulfill something very important for me as a reader, and what I feel fandom needs more of -- as in, I have a penchant for these fics because they fit a certain in-my-own-preferences underrepresented niche.

Rec: February 8, 2008:

Whiskey and Vodka by [info]setissma
Remus/Harry, NC-17, Words: 9,185
Harry can't sleep. Remus makes tea, potions are given, blankets are moved, alcohol is consumed- but what if the simplest solution is the one that's right in front of him?
My comments: There are not enough Remus/Harry fics, period. The ones I've found are PWP chan fics or longer length beasility dark fics. It's hard to find a median, but here...this is a sizable one-shot which explores a realistic relationship between Remus and Harry. [info]setissma is a gorgeous, gorgeous writer and plays on emotions in such a way that the readers feel the urgency the characters do in much the same depth.

Harry and Remus are living together because Harry's having nightmares. Their potential feelings for each other are nuanced and lively and come together in a moving, satisfying way. I love the peace and sense of belonging found in their domestic space. There is true comfort of just being represented here -- something from which most of us can learn.

Oh, and this fic should make you adore Remus.

Read 'Whiskey and Vodka' here
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