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Oct. 26th, 2010

There's a reason everyone's reccing it

Chest Contest by [personal profile] new_kate is worth every rec I've seen on my flist today. It's Bradley/Colin/Eoin and the chemistry in the fic is sweltering, the sex hot and there's layers of emotion that make the sex even more captivating. If you're a Bradley/Colin shipper but are uninterested in reading a threesome, you should reconsider. This fic is excellent and will guarantee the need of...well. ;-) I'll leave it up to you to pick your poison.

Dec. 4th, 2009

HP Holiday Recs Part I (and some other things, too!)

Here, have some recs! :D I'm in the process of reading several [info] hd_holidays fics at once (current mission is to finish Savage), so if there's not a fic here, it's just because I'm behind. This is more a reflection of what I've had time to read and liked. ♥

Also, remember to check out the postings at [info - community] snarry_holidays and comment, if you can!

Sorry if you saw this earlier - I posted on LJ first and now crossposting to IJ and DW.

Merlin RPS )

HP Non-Holiday Recs )

HP Holiday Recs - numerous fests, pairings, etc. )

Apr. 16th, 2009

merlin recs-a-palooza. or something.

I was thinking to my self, "It's been a long time since you've posted Merlin recs!" And then I responded, "Oh, it's not been that long; you're clearly losing track of time in your not-really old age." Turns out I was right! It's been several weeks, nearly a month, since I last posted recs! So here we go. This time there are a few Gwen/Morgana and Merlin/Morgana recs...but it's a pathetic attempt at diversity. Most are still Merlin/Arthur. And there's Bradley/Colin for all the RPS fiends.

i don't get nervous )

Mar. 11th, 2009

I come bearing HP and Merlin ficlets

To end my two month writing break, I took drabble requests from my flist, intending to write 100-to-200 words each. I should have known this was a doomed mission. Those drabbles took on epic-like proportions and are now ficlets of varying lengths. I am posting the first five here! The rest are on the way shortly.

In keeping with my announcement several days ago, all my fic is now public. :) All these have been beta-ed, but remaining mistakes are my own. Please feel free to offer concrit, feedback, whatever. ♥

1. For [info]everysecondtues: Gwen/Morgana - flowers and other small tokens.
Merlin. Gwen/Morgana. PG. 514 words. Beta-ed by [info]heather11483.
The metal was cold in her clenched fist, and it was both a burden and a relief to press it into Morgana’s hand. )

2. For [info]gestaltrose: Bradley/Colin - one of them RPing as their character (just acting or going all out with costume and props)
Merlin. Colin/Bradley RPS. PG. 346 words. Beta-ed by [info]heather11483.
I see you wielding a sword almost everyday. I think the novelty’s worn off. )

3. [info]nuclearsugars: Harry/Draco - blue cups, picnic
HP. Harry/Draco. PG. 332 words. Beta-ed by [info]rebekahfair and [info]heather11483.
To vodka, for it allows me to take advantage of your lightweight arse. )

4. For [info]secretsolitaire: Charlie/Teddy - rimming
HP. Charlie/Teddy. Very NC-17. Rimming. 699 words. [info]rebekahfair and [info]heather11483.
I want you to go down on me... )

5. For [info]accioscar: Colin/Bradley - Colin's hoodie! (top!Colin, plz) ;D
Merlin. Colin/Bradley RPS. NC-17. Beta-ed by [info]coffeejunkii. 942 words. (Oops.)
When Bradley opened his eyes, Colin grinned at him from above, looking rather mad with his hood pulled up and looming over Bradley like a Colin-shaped demon. )