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Oct. 20th, 2008

At long last, a fic accomplishment!

Who knew that the first real novella I've written, and of which I'd actually be proud is Snape/Draco? All 22,000 words of it. :D I've always known I work better in in novella-length or longer. I was writing a long-overdue email to [info]inkandfakefurs about this tonight. I usually think of a word count in terms of hurdles. I'm a procrastinator and I'm lazy, so the fact I want to write longer fics generally doesn't work out well at all. I become frustrated or get distracted by going on a fic-reading spree. This time, for some reason, I stuck with it. That's due in large part to [info]lavillanueva's helpful advice and keeping my characters in line. Who knows? The fic might suck. It's being betaed now, but either way, I really enjoyed it. What's worse? It very well might have a sequel.

I know, I know. 22,000 words is absolutely nothing, but for me it's a bit incredible. ^_^

So, now, that's down (barring editing for spag errors and whatever else the betaing turns up), [info]hp_darkfest is next. I have a prompt but no ideas whatsoever. This one cannot go above 4,000K. Following that, I start my Incredibly Long and Complex [info]hd_holidays fic. Then around the bend is [info]smutty_claus. I've also got to do [info]rospberry's [info]livelongnmarry fic, in which I must delve into Buffy-verse for the first time--writing, at least.

This weekend was fabulous for the writing and relaxing. I hung out with [info]lesyeuxverts00 quite a lot. :D Tonight I had dinner with a bunch of marvelous people. :D It was a fabulous time. Hello to some of the new people on my flist. ♥

I'm reading [info]hp_cross_fest fics tonight and hopefully starting [info]hp_darkfest. Tomorrow I'm temping for the full day. Yay money.

On a squeeful note, here's beautiful H/D art from [info]hd_fanart:

Upon the Wings of Your Design (By Anon, H/D, G)

Oct. 4th, 2008

In which I ramble.

I've been preoccupied the last couple of weeks. I took about a week to have a supreme pity party, then kicked myself in the ass. Went home to NC to see my family, which helped me to put a lot of things into focus. The last week I've concentrated solely on my job search, which is tireless and frustrating, but may actually be going somewhere. I'm working with several job agencies--and I have an appointment with a v. good agency on Tuesday. I had a job interview today, and I really hope to get that job (admin for a non-profit which does LGBTQ healh-related work). There were less applicants than for other positions Ive applied for, so I feel this one is more promising.

I also got my hair cut today, which I couldn't really afford to do, but I did anyway because my hair looked like shit and it was way too long, etc.

Me bitching about the incompetence of people )

Yeah, so I need to write fic. Lots of fic, fic for fests. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! I love to write at times, and at other times I hate it.

I read the last chapter of [info]mistful's DDG, and let me say, it made me giddy. *swoons*

Tomorrow I'm eating lunch with NQ, writing, applying for more jobs, going to a wine party in Cambridge, and missing everyone who will be in NYC. :(