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Aug. 13th, 2007

The never-ending saga.

So LJ speaks again. I haven't made any comments here about it, but it should be obvious how I feel about everything by now. The new comments represent some last minute panicking as far as I'm concerned. It's better than nothing, but I still feel very confused about what constitutes "reasonable" and what doesn't. I'd rather just post somewhere else entirely and not have to deal with the potential backlash.

I swear, if I stay away from my computer for a few days, I feel like I am so disconnected with the world.

On Saturday I drove to Virginia to see The Remus Lupins and The Whomping Willows, who were also accompanied by The Golden Snidget. It was very awesome. We stayed afterward and hung out for a while. Yesterday, I moved in and had the fight from hell with my grandparents -- today things seem to be better because they're trying to pretend like nothing happened. When you hurt someone's feelings, avoiding the subject is not the best way to deal with things.

Today I started training for my part-time job. It's a leadership conference, basically. Tomorrow morning we have a low-ropes course in which we stay outside for four hours and engage in different games with other employees to learn cooperation and blah blah. I don't see how being an Information Services representative (sitting behind a desk and answering questions) warrants the necessity for me to sweat like a pig and pant for breath (unless it's the good kind of sweating and panting.)

Now, I shall go read the latest response to The Post and try to find happy fic.