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Jul. 28th, 2010

sherlock, i love you.

okay, so the new sherlock is awesome. you all are so right about these things. i'm so glad i watched it, and if you haven't go. watch. squee. write fic. speaking of fic: has anyone seen any sherlock fic?

i'm excited to be reccing femslash at [profile] crack_broom for august, but i've not read any fic femslash in a while, which means i need to jump on that. if anyone has recs you think should be worthy of consideration, let me know.

tonight i'm going out for dinner. :)

Jul. 27th, 2010

Anyone know lawyers dealing in divorce/separation in CA?

So, I have a lawyer magnetism and have shit tons of lawyers and law students on my flist, so I don't think this plea will fall on empty ears.

Does anyone know a good lawyer in California (specifically Santa Clara County) that deals in separation/divorce? Or if you're in family law in another state/area and can provide some advice, I'd really appreciate it.

Please comment (screened) or email me (bewarethesmirk@gmail.com). ♥ This is for a friend, who is looking for a lawyer.

Jul. 1st, 2010

A cross-country adventure

I won't be around that much for a bit as I pack up my life and head from Raleigh, NC all the way to Seattle, WA. To say I'm excited and stressed wouldn't even begin to cover it. :) I'll be accessible via email. I'm leaving Friday and hope to get there mid-next week.

Now, go forth and write so I'll have something to read! Take care everyone. I'll miss you! ♥

Jun. 14th, 2010


Will someone please explain why you like this show? I feel like I'm missing something. I want to like it, but I just haven't been hooked yet. :)

Watch out for possible spoilers.

Jun. 7th, 2010

Recs: HP and Merlin

HP Art Rec:

Observing by [profile] xaphania (Snape/Draco, implied Lucius/Draco, NC-17/NSW)

What an exquisite, tense scene this is. It's not just hot (which it is) - the mood is heavy and intense and translates the dynamics in such a way that seems really difficult to do as an artist. Draco's arse. Just - guh.

Merlin Fic Rec:

My Thoughts (drift to you) by [profile] hermette (Merlin/Arthur, NC-17)
The small tent is warm and even across the small stretch of space Arthur is like a furnace.

Fucking hell, this fic is hot. I read it on [community profile] kinkme_merlin earlier today and knew, somehow, that this was my darling [profile] hermette's work. This hit my kinks so perfectly (mutual masturbation and dirty talk and UST) and the writing is wonderful. This is tied with the hottest thing I've ever read in this fandom. Just *melts*.

Jun. 4th, 2010

Today was my 25th birthday!

Which I am quite pleased about. :D

I was blown away by the number of birthday wishes I got today! It means so much to me. I'm celebrating this Saturday by going to a French restaurant with friends and to some bars afterward. Tonight I'm drinking some nice bubbly and watching Buffy.

Thanks so much to [personal profile] melusinahp for the sweet vgift. :D

And thank you so, so much to all the people who sent PMs, emails, texts, tweets, etc. :)

[profile] a_shadow_there, [personal profile] rebekahfair, [profile] sesheta66, [personal profile] furiosity, [personal profile] catsintheattic, [personal profile] shyfoxling, [personal profile] nuclearsugars, [personal profile] blamebrampton, [personal profile] scrtkpr, [personal profile] elenauial, [personal profile] chiralove, [personal profile] themostepotente, [personal profile] snegurochka_lee, [personal profile] fireflavored, [personal profile] voldything, [personal profile] who_la_hoop, [profile] khateh, [profile] libby_drew, [personal profile] marguerite_26, [profile] winnett, [personal profile] titti, [personal profile] odogoddess, [personal profile] vivid_honey, [personal profile] tray_la_la and of course [personal profile] b_hallward.

If I'm missing someone, please let me know! I likely missed something, though I scoured IJ, LJ and DW.

May. 29th, 2010

FIC: Oddities (Buffy/Giles, PG)

Title: Oddities
Author: [personal profile] bewarethesmirk
Pairing: Buffy/Giles pre-het ;-)
Rating: PG
Summary: "What, Giles?" Buffy said. "Is there grave peril raining down from the heavens? Should I bring an umbrella?"
Notes: For [personal profile] b_hallward, who likes drabble sequences and Giles. Spoilers through mid-Season Two, circa Passion. 600 words.

Oddities )

May. 28th, 2010

A tirade

This summer I am taking a Sociology course entitled Social and Economic Justice. It's an undergraduate course, and I'm finding the discussion entirely underwhelming. I'm so glad that I will be applying to grad school this fall. But more than that, the professor is beginning to irritate me, and I thus feel the need to rant.

There's nothing related to fandom under here.

In which women are raped because they're weak and racism is more complicated than sexism, because, yes, that's measurable )

May. 23rd, 2010

FIC: An Orgasmic Quest (Ginny/Luna, NC-17)

Title: An Orgasmic Quest
Author: [personal profile] bewarethesmirk
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ginny/Luna
Summary: Luna thought that orgasms were oddly complicated.
Word Count: ~1,565
Author's Notes: Written as a pinch-hit for [community profile] femmefest. Beta'd be the lovely [personal profile] woldy.

An Orgasmic Quest )

May. 19th, 2010

Merlin rec

Three Faces by [profile] spiny (Merlin/Arthur, NC-17)

Second person narration, and I love it.

May. 18th, 2010

Drabble: Books, Giles and Buffy (Buffy/Giles, G)

[personal profile] b_hallward and I are marathoning Buffy, and I wrote this drabble for her last night. She says I should post it, so here it is. ;-)

BtVs, Buffy/Giles (sort of), G. I need a Buffy icon.

Books, Giles and Buffy )

FIC: Psychobabble Upon Your Lips (Hermione/Luna, PG-13)

[community profile] femmefest has posted its masterlist. I participated and wrote a pinch-hit. I'll post my pinch-hit, An Orgasmic Quest, tomorrow. Below is my favorite of the two, Psychobabble Upon Your Lips (originally posted here), which is Hermione/Luna, an incredibly fun pairing to write. :) It ended up being given to [profile] a_shadow_there, which is great, because she is a fantastic writer and very awesome. :D

Thanks so much for the mods for making this such a great fest and to [personal profile] woldy and [profile] kerrychambliss for each betaing a fic for me. I received a fantastic Hermione/Pansy fic, (Not So) Righteous, from [profile] girlofavalon. Because of my pinch-hit I received a gift with a pairing I've never read but enjoyed all the same, Can't Wait for the Weekend by [profile] lily_pearl.

Title: Psychobabble Upon Your Lips
Author: [personal profile] bewarethesmirk
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Hermione/Luna, mentions of past Hermione/Ron
Summary: "Don't be embarrassed," Luna said, stepping into the office and closing the door behind her as if she'd been invited to stay for a cuppa. "You look pretty on your knees."
Word Count: ~2,300
Author's Notes: Thank you so, so much to [profile] kellychambliss for betaing on such short notice and doing an amazing job. Further, thanks so much to the mods for their patience. Title taken from La Roux's song 'Tigerlily.'

Psychobabble Upon Your Lips )

May. 15th, 2010

The Devil Wears Prada rec: What a Million Girls Would Kill For

A wonderful [profile] lgbtqfest entry by [personal profile] woldy: What a Million Girls Would Kill For (Emily-centric, PG-13).

This is one of my favorite stories by [personal profile] woldy ever, which is saying something. Emily is an interesting character in canon - to me, anyway - but often overlooked in fic. Well, she's made so interesting here. And Emily as a lesbian = love.

Merlin rec: Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle (Morgana-centric)

GO READ THIS NOW. That's all I have to say. It's brilliant.

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k (Morgana/Vivian, Arthur, Uther, Gwen, Morgause, PG-13, 8900 words)

Summary: In which Morgana is the gayest person in Camelot, Uther wants a wedding, Arthur tries to be helpful, Gwen's wasted on men and Vivian getting hit by that love spell ruins everything.

May. 14th, 2010

Merlin Rec: Love me, and mend by

I've not been reading Merlin much lately, and I'm trying to get back into the mood for it so I can write a very belated [community profile] help_haiti fic for [personal profile] staraflur. A good way, I thought, would be to read [profile] spiny's latest fic, and I was so, so right. I know a lot of you have already read this. Consider re-reading or reading it for the first time, even if you're sour because of wank or Series Two or interviews.

Love me, and mend by [profile] spiny (Merlin/Arthur, NC-17, 10,000 words)

Her writing is so close to perfect, I don't even know. It's the kind of fic you just fall into and you forget you're reading. The writing is rich and seamless, interesting but natural. The characters are pulled straight from the show, so recognizable. The tension is subtle, as is the humor. There's very little exposition, just a wave of words, actions. No words wasted.

May. 13th, 2010

Consider this an official announcement.

I am moving to Seattle the last week of July! :D

And, yes, I will be driving all the way across the country for the first time.

May. 12th, 2010

I'm sure many of the HP fen have already seen this rec'd/read it, but it's brilliant, so I'll rec it again:

Keep Buggering On by [personal profile] femmequixotic (Snape/Harry, NC-17)

Sometimes sitting here in this office at 10 Downing, Harry wonders how they even managed to let him in. He’s not typical Prime Minister material. An orphan. Divorced with three children—still living in North London with their Mum—whom he gets to see every two weeks. A political outsider who despises working within the established system, the Telegraph had called him during the election.

Yes, it's a non-magical AU. Yes, it's based on British politics. And, yes, it's brilliant.

May. 10th, 2010

HP rec

I was going to compile a longer list of recs, but I couldn't hold off. This one's insanely hot and complicatedly delicious. I just love Pansy Parkinson when's she done well, like this. Mmmmmmm. *eats with a spoon* This is not just a PWP by any stretch; there's a smorgasbord of intense & bitter emotions, a hidden back story, angst - but not without lessons learned.

Spite Like a Spark by [personal profile] snegurochka_lee (Harry/Pansy, NC-17, ~5,500)
Summary: "I know I'm not your first choice" – she almost sounded sentimental about it, damn her – "but you can pull my hair, you can ride me like a broom, you can–" she paused, her lips lingering near his ear. "You can call me Malfoy if you want."

May. 7th, 2010

HP femslash recs

First off: thanks so much to the lovely [personal profile] nuclearsugars and [profile] ziasudra_fic for the virtual gifts. What's the special occasion? :)

I wrote a pinch-hit for [community profile] femmefest so I got an extra gift: Can't Wait for the Weekend (PG). It's a pairing I've never considered, Penelope Clearwater/Tonks, but I love it. :D It's a workplace!fic, which is one of my favorite settings. Penelope's crush is so cute and well-observed, as well as the tension. And Tonks is just sexy.

Control Yourself (Take Only What You Need) by Anon. Ginny/Luna, Ginny/Pansy (one sided Ginny/Fleur and Ginny/Hermione, and background Harry/Ginny)
It has been a long time since anyone asked Ginny Weasley what she wanted.
Comments: Beautiful characterizations, wonderful writing and a very realistic portrayal of Ginny Weasley finding herself. I love her like this, and I somehow liked every pairing as the author portrayed them. The sex is blistering hot with great, innovative turns of phrase.

A Fonder Heart by [profile] eudaimon (Pansy/Luna, R)
Pansy and Luna in Hogwarts in the days immediately following the end of the war. The castle remembers. The castle protects its heart.
Comments: My new omgyes femslash pairing. I love this fic so much. A great whimsical tone and evocative language.

Apr. 28th, 2010

Ficlet: Scene Change [Veronica Mars, Veronica/Lilly, PG-13]

For [personal profile] b_hallward's birthday. She is quite simply the best person ever and deserves all the good wine, chocolate and shoes in the world.

Scene Change )

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